Car Hire Uganda Safari “Rent a Safari Car in Uganda”

Car Hire Uganda Safari service in Uganda, we reach your satisfaction by availing the most comfortable and stable vehicles. We have Saloon Cars, Safari Vehicles and Vans for a day, month or more than transfer to various destinations in different Parts of Uganda and East Africa as a whole.

When Travelling to Uganda, aim at the Car Hire Uganda Safari

At Duiker Safaris we aim at providing effective best Car Hire Uganda Safari services to our customers. When travelling to Uganda, there are many opportunities of getting a car at your disposal. The country has good roads with road signs and traffic guides. For any Car Hire Uganda Safari. We have a wide range of affordable cars including 4×4 Station Wagons, that is to say, Car Hire Uganda Safari  Land cruisers, luxury vehicles, Minivans. the 4 seat Saloon cars like Corona,  Corolla and Caldina, 7 seat, 10 seat vans and 12 seats  4×4 Omnibuses, 50 up to 60 seat coach buses as well as 25 and 28 seat Costa buses. these cars are equipped with air conditioners, a sliding roof, swivel seats, and plenty of leg-room for the guest’s comfort.

We are proud of experienced drivers and guides; have had exciting and safe driving expeditions as experts. All vehicle rates are inclusive of a driver/guide.

Our Vehicles have Insurance for Car Hire Uganda Safari.

However, clients take Personal Accident Insurance inclusive of Medical Repatriation. We Hire Cars with Drivers but also Hire out to those of self-drive; and “must be 23 years of age or above”.

They must possess a valid Full driving license for a period of more than 2 years; must have a valid International License.

Whether you are planning a trip to Uganda for safaris, tours, business or any form of pleasure, and you need to rent a car, Duiker Safaris will make your Car Hire Uganda Safari dream come true with excellent service and reasonable prices.

Car Hire Uganda Safari Driving Information, advice & tips

Driving in Uganda is also on the left-hand side. So Visitors need to possess a valid international driving license to drive. Uganda still has good passable roads, with road-signs (but not to all of them); so hiring a car for self-drive.

Due to the robbery of cars, hiring companies also prefer renting them with drivers; but self-drive services are also available though still very limited.

Rent a Car from Duiker Safaris in Car Hire Uganda Safari

Don’t mind, whether you have a lengthy list of exciting places to visit while in Uganda; or just wish to also have a flexible drive of your own car to get to your destinations. Car Hire Uganda Safari also gives you not only marvellous freedom of movement; but also a great responsibility. Then, when driving in the Uganda pay attention to road signs plus rules; and also the regulations which we avail to you in case you are new to Uganda.

Note for Car Hire Uganda Safari:

  • It’s important to still note that driving in Uganda is on the left-hand side.
  • Road licenses are also at the Uganda Revenue Authority office Kampala.
  • However, Avoid unnecessary delays and disappointments.
  • Always still be in the right place at the right time.
  • So Plan your Kampala/Uganda or East Africa journey with us right now.
  • Also break the attitude “Africa no rush” or “Africa we have plenty of time”