The Missionary Team Trips – For Large Groups travels and Village Drives.

Here we come up with long drives to exhaust the diverse country of uganda, we are able to invite large groups to handle them to the community in the up country towns and villages. So we are able to help in fundraising and community gathering.

We have all the availability of the cars to travel with groups. We have all the types of cars or vehicles that are able to maximize the group of 5 – 100 people.

The vehicles that are available with us are the 28 seater costa bus. For 28 people, as its able to reach out to any country side community and very suitable with the Country nature and land scape.

We also have the mini – bus van, that are able to carry out 10 people. And also the land cruisers for about 7 people.

To know more about out integrity and courage, email us as soon as possible, we will help you assap.