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For all Uganda Safaris, Lake Mburo National park is the smallest of all Savannah National parks in Uganda with approximately 260 SqKm in size and the nearest to the Uganda’s capital with just 240km by road west of Kampala taking about a 4 hours’ drive. The park is located in Kiruhura District in western Uganda and was gazzeted in 1933 as a controlled area for hunting only to be upgraded to a game reserve status in 1963 and later to a national park in 1983. Lake Mburo National park possesses a variety of animals like the recently translocated giraffes, hippos, warthogs, zebras, African buffalos, African leopards, Impalas, jackal etc and this together with the fact that it also boasts over 300 bird species, makes it a true African safari destination. Some of the bird species are the shoebill bird (which is very rare), warbler, spotted wood dove, wood hoopoe, southern red bishop, parrots etc. The park is mainly occupied by the banyankole and bahima people on its outskirts.

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With about 6 fish species, Lake Mburo National park for Uganda safaris is a real site for tourists to go fishing. Some species common in the lake are tilapia, mud fish, lungfish, catfish and angala fish with tilapia fish being the most common specie. The park has approximately five lakes but Lake Mburo being the most prominent for fisher men because it boasts more fish species as compared to other lakes in the park with Mazinga being the popular fishing spot. The caught fish can be taken to the lodge and prepared for the tourists to feast.

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With over 300 bird species, Lake Mburo National park is an incredible destination for a birder with the bird watching activity keeping on growing over the years. The bird species are categorized into three group that is Savana birds, wetland birds and the Forest birds. Some species the park has include the brown parrot, white winged warbler, crested francolin, African grey hornbill, spotted wood dove, rufous bellied heron, long tailed cisticola, red faced barbet, king fisher, Nubian wood pecker, grey crowned crane, pelicans, jacanas and many others.

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A boat cruise is the most rewarding way of having a spectacular and an incredible view of various wildlife species on Uganda safaris that Lake Mburo National park has to offer like crocodiles, hippos and the many bird species the park boasts. The cost for a boat cruise depends on the size of the boat and normally it takes approximately 2 hours but a further duration can be negotiated with the park’s management.

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A nature walk around Lake Mburo National park is taken on together with a highly trained and qualified ranger guide usually starting form Rwonyo where the park’s headquarters are located onto the salt licks and many other amazing sceneries. The nature walks always expose you to the different wildlife as well as the spectacular flora and fauna the park offers. The forest walks take place in Rubanga forest which is located in park also taken on by a ranger guide. This brings you to watch the 40 bird species in the forest (normally called the forest birds as earlier noted) which are part of the over 300 bird species that the park boasts together with other fascinating views of nature. However for a conducive forest walk, it is highly recommended to inform the park authorities prior to arrival at the park.


Other Activities usually carried out at Lake Mburo National park are horseback riding and fascinating game drives through the savannah grasslands the park possesses where you get a chance to stare at different wildlife like zebras, hippos, giraffes, antelopes and many others.

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Accommodation facilities here ranges from budget, midrange to luxury facilities. Some of the facilities at the park include Mihingo lodge, tents at Rwonyo park Headquarters , Mantana luxury tented camp, Arcadia cottages, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock, Eagles Nest lodge and Mpogo lodge.

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