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Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

The pian upe wildlife reserve is a large conservation area sandwiched in the Karamoja subregion of north eastern Uganda and the second largest conservation area in Uganda. This wildlife reserve is one of Uganda’s virgin destination with raw and beautiful sceneries.

Pian upe is jointly added with to two other wildlife protected areas in the north Eastern part of Uganda these are Bokora and Matheninko wildlife reserve as well as mount Elgon national park to form the larger Mount Elgon conservation area and it managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Pian upe covers an area of about 2,043 square kilometers to the north of mountain Elgon, this makes it the second largest protected area after the largest Murchison falls national park with the best picturesqueness points.

Pian upe covers about nine districts either closely or partly or entirely covered by the stretch of the game reserve and the districts include Moroto, Amudat, Napak, Katakwi, Kumi, Bukedea, Nakapiripiti and Bulambuli.

Despite the fact that this part of Uganda is so remote and Semi-arid, pian upe reserve is one of the most interesting and wonderful distinct wildlands dominated by untouched wooden savannah plains, surrounded by majestic breath-taking mountains and also cut amidst rock strewn ridges as well as kopjes, plateaus and seasonal rivers.

Pian upe is partly dominated by short trees and shrubs, lemon grass, thatching grass, bristle species, beard grasses to mention but a few. The reserve plains are draped by red acacia, shrubs like the butterfly pea, dessert dates and bush willows.

Pian upe derives its name from a local word that means a clan among the Karamojong people of north eastern Uganda, they are traditional pastoralist who live a very traditional lifestyle and are centered around their cattle. This group is centered around Nakapiripiti district near the reserve headquarters

Pian actually refers to kind hearted people where as upe refers to a Kalenjin speaking pastoral community of the Karamojong people history has it that these originated from the pokot tribe in Kenya but these settle near the wildlife reserve near Amudat district. Upe means enemy and when both are combined, they form a word friendly enemies.

Years before this place was gazzeted in to a wildlife reserve the area was a famous battle ground for two Karamojong s pastoral groups with those from north eastern Uganda and the pokot from Kenya right from Matheninko and Bokoro wildlife reserve and in to Kidepo valley national park.

The road leading in to the reserve forms the boundary where the two tribes intersect to raid each other during cattle rustling. However, peace has prevailed in this region and tourism has changed a lot.

Pian upe can easily be accessed from the south of Chepsikunya trading center through Mbale city driving from Kampala city or north of Namulu trading center for visitors from Moroto city. The reserve is an 8 hrs drive from Kampala city through Mbale and Soroti town to then Nakapiripiti district where the reserve is located.