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Best Time to Go on Safari

Uganda’s raised topography means a very cooler climate than its equatorial location suggests but in case you are planning a gorilla trek, it’s important to know when to go to Uganda for the easiest trekking conditions. Even though it’s regarded as a year round activity, the best time to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking is during the country’s two dry seasons; January and February and from June to September.

 Game viewing in Uganda’s savannah parks is best at the end of the dry seasons; February and March, September and early October is when wildlife is concentrated around water sources. Bird watching is fantastic all year round but its peak between November and April when the migrant species are present. We however recommend avoiding a Uganda safari entirely during the heavy rains of April and May.

The best time to visit all the national parks in Uganda is June to September and December through February. It’s the good time to track gorillas because these months are very dry. The skies are clear; there is little rain and more sun shine.  It’s also easier to spot wildlife in many savannah reserves because vegetation is scare and animals tend to be around sources of water to keep hydrated.

In the wet seasons, many savannah reserves are very green and this keeps animals far away from accessible places. In addition, its low season and results in low discounted rates. Even though Wildlife in Uganda is easy to see in dry months of the year, you will still get to see herds of them among these involving newly born animals in the low season. Nevertheless, some roads around the national parks get so bad and the car soften get stuck. The forest trails tend to become slippery and so challenging to hike.