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Semuliki National Park and Sempaya Hot springs

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki national park is one of the ancient and bio diverse forests of the few to survive  lace ice age 12-18000 years ago located in bundibugyo district near the popular fortportal in the western also under Uganda Wildlife Authority management.

It spraws across the floor of the semuliki valley on the remote western side of rwenzori

The park is dominated by the eastern most extension of the congo basin.

Its species has been accumulating for over 25000years, the park contains  evidence  of  oven old processes hot spring bubble up from the depth to demonstrate the powerful sub terranean forces  that have been shaping the rift valley during the last 14 million years.

The park has 336 tree species recorded 24of them are restricted  to only semuliki

Tourist attractions in semuliki  national park

The male and female magical boiling water/ hot springs;  the surprising natural boiling water can boil different foods like eggs and foods within only 10minutes.

The female boils on humble grounds while the male sparkles and spreads water with high pressure,

Bird watching ; there is also a number of bird species like the shoe bill , the forests vegetation also attracts the Congolese bird species

Nature walk ; this is  carried out in ituri forest, while primates, plants , butterfly, the big five leopard, buffaloes and elephants are also seen at close distance.

Accessibility to semuliki national park

There are two major routes from kampala

To fortportal via mubende, is about 180km, it takes 4-5hours drive while Kampala fort portal via masaka , Mbarara, kasese is about 4-6km, it takes 7-8hour drive, from fort portal  2-3hours drive on the rough roads towards bundibugyo while heading to sempaya gate52km the park headquarters at ntandi is 5km further from the gate along the same route

 Accomodation semuliki national park

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