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Tree Climbing Lions In Uganda

The Tree Climbing Lions – Only found in 2 National Parks around the World – Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda – Lake Manyara National Park In Tanzania

For the Tree Climbing Lions, There are no more than 2 populations in the whole world. As usual, It is sometimes uncommon for lions to actually climb trees; such lions that climb trees, it is one of their daily behaviours.

We are pretty Much Excited that in Uganda, One of the populations is found within the Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. So the other Tree Climbing Lions are found in Lake Manyara National Park in the Southern Part of Tanzania.

You are able to see the Tree Climbing Lions of you Encounter in a safari of 3 days in Uganda Climbing Lions Safari.

Why Lions Climb Tree and Later we call Them Tree Climbing Lions?

Tree Climbing Lions In Uganda

Lions Climb Trees as a way of protecting themselves against the numerous bitings of the tsetse flies as the tsetse flies claim to bite hardly while on the ground level than up the Tree.

As well as they climb into the branches to escape the heat on the ground and enjoy the cool air breeze; and also they do climb to Trees in order to have a clear sighting level to there Daily Meals and also Predators as well.

And also its said that they do climb trees depending on the Height, Stem and Types of the Trees. nonetheless, the reason why the Lions Climb up into the tree branches remains unknown.

The Ishasha Sector is very famous because of its mystifying population of the Tree Climbing Lions which is one of the major highlights and also an exceptional attraction for which most guests visit this park.

The Lions are normally seen lazily lying up within the branches of the Huge Fig Trees staring down at the numerous  Uganda Kobs that graze in the open Ishasha plains as they are the main prey to the lions.Actually, they are commonly seen sleeping on branches in the afternoon as they digest their food after lunch.

Visitors on a Uganda safari visiting the Ishasha region so as to see the Tree Climbing Lions although they are also rewarded with views of other wildlife species; that’s to say, Hyenas, Uganda Kobs, Topis, Buffaloes, Elephants, and Much More

Getting there

The direct Road from the Northern Queen Elizabeth Sector through the Katunguru Village crossing the channel Bridge; then see and follows the border post of the Ishasha. It is normally full of mud through the rainy season so at times it requires a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle.

You can either decide to take a route via Mbarara, Rukungiri, Ishaka, Kihihi the Ishasha

The road is repeatedly being maintained however it takes just some little rain to actually destroy its surface such that a truck getting stuck delay your tracks.