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Best Travel Destinations in Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked Country located in the Great Rift Valley where the African Great Lakes Region converge having Kigali as her capital city. Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rwanda has got so many Tourist Destinations.
Best Travel Destinations in Rwanda

Best Travel Destinations in Rwanda

1-Kigali camp memorial

This is where UN peacekeepers were brutally murdered from. They were 10 in number and were killed on spot on their first day to Rwanda as they were trying to protect the Rwanda’s Prime Minister Agatha and the Rwandan nationals at large. At this camp, you will find 10 columns each representing a fallen soldier.

2-Nyamata Church

Over 6000 worshippers in this Roman Catholic Church were brutally murdered during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. It is located in Nyamata, 30km from Kigali city. This will make you shade a tear as see blood stained clothes, skulls and bones of these victims displayed inside this church and all over the churchyard.

3-Inema Art Centre

This is an African Art showcasing center located in the suburb of Kicyiru-Kigali. The Inema Art Centre was founded purposely to spur creativity for personal, social, and economic growth in Rwanda by brothers and self-taught printers Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza.It provides exposure to creative people and as well create opportunities to Rwanda’s underserved communities while using creativity for a productive livelihood. The paintings, sculpture, mixed media expressions are just amazing. Don’t forget to carry yourself some beautiful souvenirs as the Centre has got lots of bespoke jewelries, African linens, leather works and so much more. Don’t miss out on the memorable traditional dances as they are a good stress reliever.

4-Muslim Quarter

This is one of the oldest quarters in Kigali-Rwanda. This green and white painted mosque is called Masjid Al-Fatah founded in 1913 by Arabs that had come to Rwanda in 1901 mainly to spread Islam through Arab influence in Africa. This acted as their base until they left Rwanda for other African countries. This large Quarter accommodates many businesses including shops, Restaurants, mini supermarkets, hair salons…which provide services to the tourists and the nearby people. It was built on a hill which gives you a better/clear view of the modern Kigali City.

5-Kandt House Museum

Get to know the amazing geological background of Rwanda when you visit the Kandt House Museum. It shows the evolution of life, description of different flora and fauna of Rwanda’s Natural Parks. There is an exhibition of live reptiles with an aim of explaining the interrelation of nature and history. This museum is a great view point of the mountainous landscape of Rwanda.


Kigali city is built on two mountains (mount Kigali and mount Jali). These however are kind of hills since they even accommodate peoples’ houses and standing on the top of these mountains, you clearly view the whole of Kigali city. Come enjoy mountain biking, cycling, horse riding and many more activities while on top of these mountains. You can as well interact with the nearby community people on and around these mountains.

7-1000 Hills Distillery

This one is located on top of one of the Rwanda hills. Therefore as you enjoy your delicious cocktails of the vodka, whisky, Gin or a coffee liquor, you as well be able to see down the valley. The hilly location of this distillery gives a beautiful view of the whole Kigali town. It is a great place to refresh your mind after a long day’s Tour.

8-Kimironko market

The kimironko market is the biggest and the busiest market in Kigali-Rwanda with over 4 entrances which makes navigation through it easier. Come satisfy your appetite from here after a long day’s tour as all sorts of foods and fresh fruits are readily available in this market and at a lower cost. Grab yourself and your loved ones Souvenirs, handcrafts, colorful baskets, fabrics and many more from this market at a pocket friendly price.

9-Twin Lakes

Lakes Burera and Ruhondo are twin lakes that have attracted many tourists in Rwanda. These twin lakes are in close proximity to each other with each pouring its water into the other. They are very close to the Volcanoes National Park and are surrounded by 4 mountains (mount Sabinyo, mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura and mount Gahinga)

10-Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is a protected Park found in the Eastern part of Rwanda. Many tourists have come to visit this park that had disappeared because of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. All the animals in this Park were killed for settlement by Rwanda Nationals that had fled the country because of the Genocide. But as you read this now, Akagera National Park has been reset and protected by the Rwanda Wildlife Authority Board and now having all the flora and fauna including the Big 5 wild animals.

11-Nyungwe National Park

This is one of the oldest biodiversity spectacular rainforests in Africa with over 12 primate species. It’s worth a visit as you will be able to trek all these primates including other flora and fauna. Trust me, you will experience memorable and photogenic moments from the Canopy walk, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, hikes, colobus monkey trekking and many more at this park.

12-Volcanoes National Park

This 160km2 rainforest National Park is located in Northwestern Rwanda. It sits on 5 dormant volcanoes in the Virunga mountains. These include Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo. Volcanoes National Park is rich in flora and fauna.

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