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Covid-19 Travel Guidelines in Uganda

Covid-19 also known as coronavirus is a very deadly disease that emerged in 2019 and said to have originated from Wuhan-China. The virus spreads at a high rate through droplet infection and is transmitted from one individual to another more so those in a crowded environment.

On 5thMarch, Uganda gained hope of making Covid19 history in the country when she received over 864,000 doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine through the COVAX initiative. This was received by the country Minister for Health Dr. Ruth Acheng. As you read this now, a number of Ugandans have already been vaccinated. These include Dr. Ruth Acheng (MOH), President of the Republic of Uganda (Yoweri Kaguta Museven), and members of the Parliament. Frontline workers like police officers, army officers, doctors, and teachers have all be vaccinated. Elderly people above 65year have also not been left out on this covid19 vaccination.

Uganda was badly affected by the pandemic thus calling for almost a total closure of many facilities in the country as a measure to curb down the rapid spread of the virus. The Ugandan Government went ahead and put restrictions on the movement of people. The National Airport was closed until further notice and therefore, the movement of both incoming and outgoing travelers was highly restricted. So with all these aggressive measures in the country, Tourism in general was put in a total fallback position because of the shutdowns.

There was gradual opening of some facilities in September 2020 and one of them was Tourism. National parks, lodges and hotels were opened amidst the pandemic with high observations of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) by WHO. All these measures are taken purposely to carb down the wide spread of the virus thereby making it a worry free country for tourist to come to Uganda.

How covi19 spreads

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Individual to individual contact(hugging/kissing)
  • Contacting with the contaminated surfaces.

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19

  • Dry cough
  • High Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose (Flu)
  • Difficulty in breathing

Where to do Covid-19 Tests in Uganda?
Are you confused of where to have a Covid-19 test from? Well, We are glad to let you know that there are several Ministry of Health Accredited laboratories where one can be tested from. These and more include;

  • Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)
  • Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL)
  • Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) Laboratory
  • Makerere University
  • Mild May Laboratory
  • Tororo Mobile laboratory
  • Mutukula Mobile laboratory
  • Adjumani Mobile laboratory
  • Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC)
  • Lancet laboratories
  • MBN Laboratory
  • Medipal International Hospital
  • Test and Fly Laboratory
  • Uganda Cancer Institute

Precautions to be taken when travelling
Are u planning on booking a trip with Duiker safaris? Well, you must have a negative Covid-19 test certificate taken 3-4 days before your travel date. Having a vaccination certificate is an added health advantage. And upon arrival at the Airport, Travelers will be subjected to Covid19 screening. If found positive, one will be quarantined and subjected to medical treatment

A mask has to be won all the time in any gathering or crowd. Always keep your hands clean and sanitized as frequent as possible and maintain a 4m social distance while in any gathering or crowd. Several Precautions have been taken to make sure this virus doesn’t widely spread in the country on both Ugandan nationals and foreign travelers.

Covid-19 Mobile Testing
Our visitors’ health matters a lot to us first. With this, we introduced Mobile Testing system where our client can conveniently have him/herself tested without putting in much efforts. As Duiker Safaris, we have coordinated with the covid19 testing Approved health laboratories in Uganda to make sure that our clients get tested for covid19 even while on safari. Here, test results can be out within the shortest period of time.

Who should not Travel?
People that have already tested positive for Covid19 are not allowed to travel until they fully recover and people with serious health illnesses are also excluded from travelling as they are at a high risk of contracting the deadly virus

NOTE: Duiker Safaris advises all those clients that present the covid19 signs/symptoms not to cancel out your trips but rather postpone them until you clearly show no signs.

Safety measures/procedures to be taken by Duiker Safaris

  • A Temperature gun will always be readily available in all our safari vehicles to enable our clients monitor their body temperature. Sanitizers for both the clients and the car handles and seats are a must have.
  • All our staff members are subjected to body temperature check- ups before and after ever safari on a daily basis.
  • All our staff members have been vaccinated for covid19 and they all poses vaccination certificates.
  • It is a must for all our staff members to undergo through the Covid19 training. So they all have full knowledge about the deadly corona virus.
  • Nose masks are worn all the time in gatherings to limit the wide spread of coronal virus.

Safety measures/procedures by the Travelers

  • The traveler must be negative from covid19.This should be accompanied by the test results from an approved covid19 testing health facility in the home country.
  • Wearing a nose mask (N95 type preferably) all the time in any gathering/crowd.
  • Sanitizing the hands as frequently as possible. As hand sanitizers will be available everywhere
  • Abiding by the covi19 safety guidelines found at different Tourism sites. These may include; Accommodations, Game Parks etc.
  • Ensuring social distancing of at least 3meters from one another.
  • Avoiding unnecessary stop overs at each and every point as this may lead to contact with the community people of which you may not be sure of their covid19 status.

Conclusively, Duiker Safaris urges all our clients to stay vigilant and diligently implement preventive measures to avoid contracting the virus. In case the traveler notices any of the related signs to covid-19, one is advised to immediately visit any health center around the country to have him/her self-tested with help of our staff.

NOTE: Please do not cancel your trips because of Covid19, you can instead just postpone them in case you have already tested positive until full recovery. For those that had cancelled theirs with us, please you are advised to reschedule. Travelling to Uganda is now safe amidst the covid19 pandemic.

For further inquiries about Covid19 in Uganda or booking any Trip with us, please feel free to contact us any time. Duiker safaris always at your service!!!!

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