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Katereke prison the ditch of torture in Buganda

Katereke prison the ditch of torture

This Katereke prison ditch was introduced in 1888 by kabaka (king) kalema who was the next king after kiweewa and his palace was at nakatema Buganda kingdom specifically to imprison the princes and princesses of Buganda kingdom whom kalema killed later on because of his poor leadership.

The burning of princes and princesses in katereke prison ditch, Kalema sent for all the princes and princesses from mengo palace to enter the ditch, there after one of the prince called bamweyana managed to escape from the ditch but he was later on arrested, the same prince managed to escape again and re-arrested, this annoyed the king and he ordered for his death through burning him.

The death of bamweyana annoyed the rest and they started expressing their anger through various ways, when the news reached kalema , he ordered for the death of all prisoners by burning them from the prison.

Why katereke prison ditch is visited by cultural practioners like witchdoctors and traditional worshipers as a Source of blessing.

At the place where bamweyana was killed, there germinated a big tree and later the spirit of bamweyana rose from this point and informed the people of this kingdom about the presence of this place, after sometime an old man from Buganda moved to this area and climbed the tree with power Manifesting spirits; So many times the spirit of bamweyana gets onto the body and mind of people and his followers and it speaks on to people, there voice changes and the spirit speaks giving needs of the people plus other powers of various aspects in a cultural manner.

Tourist attraction at katereke prison ditch of torture

The ditch/ kalema’s prison is the main attraction at katereke that the tourists are attracted to see the ditch in which the king of Buganda kalema killed the sisters and brothers. The tree at bamweyana’s death point; this is a gaint tree that germinated on its own at point where one of the princes bamweyana was killed ‘burnt’. This tree works as a centre for traditional worshipers of bamweyana’s spirit and its stem is wrapped with backcloth downwards.

The spirit of bamweyana; some people are attracted by the way the spirit posses people and speaks on them, so people come to worship bamweyana’s spirit those who believe in traditional worship. The traditional worshiping culture; many traditional believers worship and believe that their prayers are answered by the spirit of bamweyana, the place designed with traditional spears and various traditional tools like backcloth.

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