What can you do to help the Wildlife?

Use the forest and its resources wisely today, and it will be your legacy to the children tomorrow.

  1. Respect wildlife and the environment by taking only pictures and leaving only footprints!
  2. Purchase crafts made from rescources that are harvested sustainably in Uganda and East Africa and benefit local communities and the wildlife.
  3. Visit Forest reserves and National parks often. Your admission fee helps a lot to support wildlife and local communities.
  4. Support Organizations that take an ethical stand on sustainable development.
  5. Share your Ugandan as well as the African Wildlife Experience with friends and Families.
  6. Choose Your Pets wisely and be sure they are not taken from wild. Chimpanzees don’t make good pets!
  7. Learn more about Uganda’s conservation efforts online at:
  •  www.nfa.org.ug ,
  • www.budongo.org ,
  • www.janegoodall.org/africaprograms ,
  • www.wcs.org/international/africa/uganda