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Things to do & see in Murchison Falls national park

Murchison falls national park is sandwiched in north western Uganda at the end of the Albertine rift valley where the sweeping escarpments merges into vast palms dominated by savannah, it was gazzeted as Bunyoro and Gulu wildlife reserve in1926 but later upgraded to form one of Uganda’s first national parks around 1952. This park is Uganda’s largest protected area and it expands 5072km, its contagious Karuma and bugugu wildlife reserve. The Nile traverses the wilderness, dividing grasslands roamed by big game on the northern bank and from the bush and forest permanently inhabited by birds and primates on its far south.

At Murchison falls national park the temperature is around 25 to 32oc and making it one of the hottest regions in Uganda. Murchison falls is home to the worlds strongest waterfalls and this is one of the major tourist attractions around here. People come to witness the Nile squeezing its way through a 6m wide gorge and plunges 45m in to the famous Devils Cauldron. This spectacle keeps attracting visitors from around the world.

The park is dominated by savanna vegetation and Borassus palms, acacia trees plus riverine woodland meanwhile the south is best dominated by bush and the forest. Murchison falls majestically hosts 76 mammal species and 451 bird species. This park is bisected by Victoria Nile and it runs west through the park for 80km descending a series of rapids before exploding through the narrow gap. This park has a lot of activities to do and a lot to enjoy.

Boat cruise to the falls is one of these activities, the launch voyage is conducted up river around paara past hippos and crocodiles. During the launch you get to see the Murchison falls exploding through the cliffs at the fajao Gorge, it’s the oldest park excursion but this trip lasts for three hours. Tourist get to watch and enjoy plenty river side wildlife including elephants, buffalos and much more.

On top of the falls boat cruise is done where visitors see the top of the falls view point to see, hear and feel the Nile thunder as it pours down. Cars can also reach this site but its more fantastic by boat and from the launch you could climb up to the top of the falls through fajao Gorge with a ranger escort. Its also very much fun and adventurous to try out.

Game viewing around Buligi peninsular is a must try since it’s a prime game viewing area , this triangle of grassland is bounded by the Victoria Nile which flows in to lake Albert  and out in Albert Nile, here you will get to see many elephants , buffalos, giraffes, antelopes and if you are lucky enough you may as well get to see the lion and leopard. This game track ends at the delta point and here you will find the Nile flowing north out to lake Albert and usually it’s a stop point for refreshment. Here as you view birds, you may also opt to take a balloon safari to explore the Murchison plains north and west of paraa.

Exploring the heart of Murchison falls is another adventure to try out here, since much of the south is covered in bush and forest, plenty track of savanna springs down to the river from the Rabongo road from the central this unique park. Recently the car tracks have been opened and you can get to see the Ugandan kob, lions and much more.

Explore kaniyo pabidi forest in Murchison falls national park which is located in the south of the park, this forest is a home to habituated chimpanzees and can be tracked with the park rangers but the forest is also an essential birding area where you can see the Albertine rift endemic bird species as well as restricted range species including the chocolate backed kingfisher, white thighed hornbill and puvels illadopsis.

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