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Why you should visit Uganda in 2023?

Uganda is a small landlocked country in the Eastern central Africa neighboring countries like sudan in the north, Tanzania in the south, Kenya in the west and congo in the east. Uganda is made up of 57 different tribes and making it a multicultural national with over 57 different spoken languages.

Uganda is crossed by the equator. Uganda is a nation with a buoyant economy, an improving infrastructure and tourism sector and continues to go from strength to strength as Ugandas national parks, spectacular weather and waterfalls and unbeatable biodiversity becoming better known and more imaginatively packaged, guests planning a vacation in Uganda are often curious about the safari destinations they can visit, the sites to experience. You will enjoy up land adventure.

Uganda has a uniqueness and sheer variety of destinations for example distanct gorillas and chimpanzee parks becoming more apparent with an agreeable climate, the city is comparatively clean and trouble free. Uganda has 10 national parks but it’s the sheer variety of those parks that sets Uganda apart from other destinations across East Africa. The following are the top reasons why you need to visit Uganda in 2023.

Uganda is a one stop affordable safari destination with big game and birding paradise, diverse activities, mountain climbing and very much more as am to mention but with all this peace in the country visitors are discovering that Uganda is an incredibly beautiful country with alot more variety of pristine as yet unexplored locations inhabiting ecologically diverse landscape. Uganda has been listed as 52 places to go by New York times and 50 places of life time by the National geographic society. Uganda is posed to become a leading destination for adventures and vacationers from around the globe.

Uganda does have traditional Open savannah parks with elephants, giraffes and big cats. More than this however, it also has smaller wildlife areas inhabited by highly diverse and sometimes endemic species of flora and fauna, enjoying highly varied climates at different altitudes for example Uganda is home to 13 of the worlds endangered primates including half of all mountain gorillas and large populations of chimpanzees in the famous kibale national park.

Heritage sites, one of Ugandas best known of Ugandas national parks and certainly the most memorable named is Bwindi impenetrable national park, a UNESCO world heritage site covering only 331sq km in southern Uganda, it’s the best place to see the critically endangered Mountain gorillas in the whole world. Gorillas can also be encountered in Maghinga national park. Ugandas other natural UNESCO world heritage site is the Rwenzori mountains national park, offers an altogether different experience, with high mountain passes and unique example of flora. The Rwenzoris also provide one of Africas truely great hiking experiences.

Uganda also offers a complete change of landscape and environment and located in the extreme east is mountain Elgon national park. Dominated by mountain Elgon, which has the largest base in the world, with its own collection of animals at lower levels, while at higher altitudes are exotic flora and opportunity for visitors to climb to the caldera, 3000 meters above sea level.

And if you prefer river side adventures  the pick of Uganda spots are Muchision falls, river Nile, Kazinga channel and lake Victoria are places you must not miss when you get to this beautiful country, surprisingly the country also offers exciting beach holidays on a short stay on the shores of lake Victoria. You will also be drawned to the people of Uganda and their ancient customs , beliefs and way of life, get to understand how deep their beliefs are entwined.

Tourists can now go exploring Ugandas unique habitats and be rewarded with views of a staggering range of species of flora and fauna, including those endemic to the Albertine rift valley. Unwinding in rural areas to get a fascinating introduction to a culture as ancient and variable as the countrys magnificent panoramic landscapes, there are still infinite trip reasons to visit Uganda.

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